(G)old I

Searching for serenity: A transformation of my mum’s ring.

(G)old is about objects. About their meanings, their values and their ability to carry and to transmit emotions. About their role in our lives. It is also about the transformation of the object. Not in the sense of material recycling, but in order to capture its essence, to extend its life and to add meaning. I transformed three inherited jewels – one from my grandmother, one from my mother and one from my sister – into three new jewels to wear and to have them close, while preserving the connection between the object and the person. I have turned intangible emotions, links and memories into tangible objects.

The first one from the series is my mom’s ring. I transformed it by the slow process of hand forging with the aim to obtain a thin and delicate band of gold with beautiful hammered texture. This can be wrapped up gently but firmly around your finger in many different ways, transmitting the notion of protection that only your mother can give you.      

Inherited gold ring upcycling
Mum's gold ring transformation
Ring from Inherited Gold
Heirloom Gold Ring Upcycling
Heirloom Gold Ring Transformation